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Laimos Andrikienės kalba dėl padėties Venesueloje

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Laimos Andrikienės žodinis paaiškinimas dėl balsavimo dėl žmogaus teisių, demokratijos ir teisinės valstybės principų pažeidimo atvejų - Padėtis Venesueloje

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2018 02 08

Laimos Andrikienės kalba dėl padėties Venesueloje

Laimos Andrikienės kalba dėl padėties Venesueloje

Mr. President, I voted in favour of the resolution on the situation in Venezuela. We must stand together with Venezuelan people in their fight for human rights and democratic ruling of the country. We condemn the decision of the illegitimate National Constituent Assembly to call early presidential elections by the end of April 2018. 

It is of utmost importance to continue imposing EU sanctions and in particular to extend them to the main perpetrators responsible for increased political, social, economic and humanitarian crisis, namely President Nicolas Maduro and his inner circle, Vice President Tareck El Aissami, Minister of Defence Vladimir Padrino Lopez and high military command. I call on the High Representative Madame Mogherini to take necessary measures in this regard. 

The elections in Venezuela must be free and fair, without any discrimination, disqualifications or political prisoners.