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Video comments on topical issues: simply, clearly, and bluntly

 Speech on human rights in the world 2012 and EU policy on the matter. 10 12 2013


 European Politicians Take a Stand Against Organ Harvesting in China. 2013 12 12


 Oral question - EU trade policy towards countries of the Eastern Partnership. 21 10 2013 


 Inaugural session of the EuroLat parliamentary assembly (EuroLat PA) in Vilnius, Lithuania. 16 07 2013


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The Light of St. James Way

The Light of St. James Way


I, Laima Andrikienė, swear ....".
Part I - Signatory


"I, Laima Andrikienė,  swear ....". Part II - Minister

"I, Laima Andrikienė,  swear ....".
Part II - Minister


"I, Laima Andrikienė, I swear ...". Part III - MEP

"I, Laima Andrikienė, swear ...".
Part III - Member of the European Parliament


EU - Taiwan Trade Relations:
State of Play and Future Opportunities


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